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Not sure how this blog stuff works, but here goes. My name is Daniel Boyle, I’ve been a professional scriptwriter since about 1989 and have many TV credits to my name (see my attached CV). For the past four years or so I’ve become fascinated—nay, obsessed—-with the JFK assassination. I’ve read many books on the subject, and intend giving a reading list here. I have also communicated via email with one of the foremost (and very helpful) researchers into the subject, Mr. James Di Eugenio. The upshot of this was a decision to write a ten part TV series based on my reading, a project I completed recently and titled “MAURICE, LEE, and JFK”

While I remain proud of my project and consider the subject matter to be of the utmost importance, I appreciate that this is not the type of project that can be succinctly summed up in a pitch document or treatment. That is why I’ve decided to publish all ten episodes here so that anyone who might be interested in producing the project can peruse it at their leisure. At the very least the scripts may be of interest to aspiring screenwriters, or even general readers.

As the material is in script form, here are some pointers to general readers who may be unfamiliar with scriptwriting techniques. The story is broken down into scenes. Scenes are headed INT. (interior) or EXT. (exterior) LOCATION and NIGHT or DAY. There then follows the names of characters present, followed by the characters’ dialogue. A reader might see VO beside lines of dialogue which means VOICE OVER. The letters OS might also appear, and this means OUT OF SHOT, so the we can hear what a character is saying but don’t see him/her in the shot. The word FLASHBACK might also appear meaning we are seeing something that occurred in the past. A CAPTION might appear to denote time or place, e.g. on page one of episode one in this series a caption tells us we are outside the small French village of Pont Saint Esprit and the year is 1951.

And now a word about the series. All of the principal characters are based on real persons. Parts or abbreviations of their real names have been given to the conspirators, as I cannot claim this is a work of historical fact, but anyone familiar with the period or the story surrounding the assassination will instantly recognise who’s who. Full and real names are given to persons whose actions/attitudes/ sayings are documented or corroborated: examples would be Generals Lemnitzer and Le May of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The character of MAURICE is a composite of two real persons. When it comes to the events portrayed in the series they either happened, and are documented, were said to have happened, and have been corroborated, were claimed to have happened, or have been ‘hinted’ at. An example of the latter was the ‘suspicion’ that the Russian shooting down of the U2 spy plane piloted by Gary Francis Powers, (1960) may have been made possible, at least in part, by information given to them by Lee Harvey Oswald. Some people also believe that the entire U2 episode was engineered by ‘The Director’, Maurice, and the others, with a view to disrupting the Paris Summit,(1960) in which President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Russian Premier Khruschev, were due to meet to promote world peace, something that a great many among the US political and military elite were against as they distrusted the Russians, wanted a war with them, and actually thought that war was not only inevitable, but winnable—even the nuclear variety.

I have made reference in the scripts to actual historical footage/newscasts which, if the series were to be  produced, I would want intercut with the fictional narrative. All of the footage/newscasts are extant and can be seen on Youtube. And finally my ‘take’ on the assassination. Many of the ‘spooks’ of that era had a literary bent. For example E. Howard Hunt ( CIA) wrote spy novels. James Jesus Angleton(CIA) wrote poetry. One of the characters on whom Maurice is based, namely David Attlee Philips, as well as having admitted to ‘being in Dallas’ on November 22nd 1963 , left behind an unpublished manuscript in which his ‘fictional CIA handler’ of Lee Harvey Oswald tells us that while he had primed Oswald to assassinate Fidel Castro, he ‘didn’t know why Oswald killed Kennedy’. As I believe Attlee Philips’s writings may have been much more than mere fiction, I have made them the foundation of my thesis on what actually happened, and who was really behind the events that occurred in Dallas on Friday, November 22nd, 1963. Any reader should be aware that these ten scripts are all first drafts and have been exported to PDF from scriptwriting software Final Draft, so please excuse any glitches. Ever the eternal optimist I’ve included a brief outline for a second series.

Daniel Boyle

Author: the1scribe

I've been a professional scriptwriter for about twenty five years. I've also written a couple of books that are available in iBooks , Kindle Direct, and Smashwords.

3 thoughts on “WhokilledJFK?”

  1. Looking forward to reading this Danny as I have similarly been long fascinated. I remember exactly where I was when I learned of JFK’s assassination and the shock and horror of those days. I remember the subsequent assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby and reading the William Manchester time published much later. I was 14 and obsessed with politics and idealistic in the extreme. (If you’re not idealistic at 14 – when will you be?) I can remember the euphoria so many of us felt when Kennedy was President. Of course we knew nothing of his private life but we did know about his inspirational speeches, his war hero status and the glamour of Camelot. I have watched many programmes about the assassination and I can’t wait to read your take on those events. Bring it on!

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  2. Good to see that an Oscar winner is willing to risk his future by exposing the deep politics present at the highest levels of Government. Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone also both left unpublished work on the JFK assassination, which would have been as close as the real conspirator’s knowledge. Nice to see that one of the key men, Mr. Bishop, is included as part of the kernel.
    You may like to ask a very significant JFK researcher, Emeritus Professor Dr. Walt Brown, why he thinks nobody asked the very important question of Jack Ruby; vis. “Who were the two Israelis for whom you (Jack Ruby) were interpretor in Dallas?”
    Good luck and bravo Danny.
    kind regards,
    Danny Ryan


    1. Dan sorry to disappoint but I am not that Danny Boyle—-although we have met, shared the same agent once , and once worked on the same British TV programme. I must also say that James Di Eugenia to whom I refer to and of whom I have the highest regard strenuously disapproved of my material, saying he stopped reading after four episodes.All of that said I appreciate your response.

      Thank you very much


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